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The 5 Star Powerhouse Award is the industry all-round premier business award. It was created to honour and generate recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of iGaming B2B organisations and working professionals. The award is open to all iGaming businesses, privately or publicly owned and trading for the last 3 years. Employees should be 200 – 1000+ people.

Social Impact

Your business must demonstrate measurable social / charitable impacts and positive change brought about by its ongoing corporate practice within its value chain. It’s critical that there’s data and disclosures that showcases tangible impacts.

Product Innovation

This product or service, now part of the core business model or strategy, that challenges the status quo.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The hard work being undertaken to recruit and foster a diverse workforce. This best demonstrates measurable impact in promoting progressive diversity values around investment, strategy, education or recruitment – with the goal in mind to ensure a more just and equal society.

Work Place Environment

An extremely employee-friendly and employee-centric company. That creates an ideal work environment and ensure that employees maintain a good work-life balance.


Your business has broken down barriers, explored new opportunities and made changes in pursuit of a more sustainable society.


Entries into the 5 Star Powerhouse Award undergo a two-part judging process. The carefully selected expert judging panel will review each entry based on the criteria set out.The Powerhouse Award is judged purely on merit, and to determine our successful winner, our dedicated in-house research team will analyse all information available in the public domain, before our judging panel make their assessment. Judges read and pre-score all entry forms, considering the structure, presentation and clarity of each section and the supporting materials submitted.

Judges score each section on the entry form and these scores will be combined to give an overall score for each entry. All judges pre-scores will be combined. Judges will be looking for business that can demonstrate an ongoing and sustained commitment to delivering best practice while showing a creative and innovation approach to iGaming.

Powerhouse Award
2023 Winner